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When you hire your tablets and computers from LiveRental, you'll also benefit from our extensive expertise in their set-up, logistics, networks, and accessories. With us in charge of your project, you can count on a turnkey solution and total control.

When you hire your tablets and computers from LiveRental, you'll also benefit from our extensive expertise in their set-up, logistics, networks, and accessories. With us in charge of your project, you can count on a turnkey solution and total control.

IOS and Android settings

Setting up an iPad or Galaxy Tab is part of our IT teams' everyday job.

Ask our teams to set up and configure your rented tablets and smartphones, and you'll get devices that are ready to use, saving you the time and trouble inherent in setting up a fleet of devices en masse. Among the wide range of possible configurations, we can install apps, upload files, set up internet shortcuts, remove unnecessary apps, customise the wallpaper, change sleep times, brightness levels, etc. The possibilities are endless, just tell us what you need, and we'll send you your tablet rental ready to use.

Windows and Mac settings

Interested in renting Windows or Mac computers from LiveRental? Take advantage of our configuration service.

Renting a fleet of laptops, Macs or Macbooks is an excellent way of relieving yourself of all the technical and operational hassles involved in purchasing them. When you hire computers from LiveRental, you're getting a comprehensive service, including a set-up service to ensure that your equipment is pre-configured and ready to use. Our IT technicians can install programmes, certificates, configuration profiles, security rules and remote offices for you. For our most demanding customers, we can also deploy a Windows or Mac OS image so that your settings profiles can be cloned identically.

Restrictions and Kiosk Mode

Secure rented tablets with "kiosk" or "guided access" solutions and maintain control of your devices.

Take full control of the use of your leased tablets and smartphones thanks to our wide range of restriction solutions. Our team will advise on and implement the most appropriate restriction mode for your needs. With this service, you can rest assured that your users won't be able to access inappropriate content. You will also ensure that certain information remains private and help guide users towards using the tablets in the way you intended.

Mobile Device Management

As experts in MDM, or Mobile Device Management, our teams can help you stay in control.

LiveRental knows all about MDM solutions! With expertise in nearly 6 different MDM platforms, we can advise you and implement the solutions best suited to your event. MDM lets you manage rented tablets or iPads remotely, so you can, for example, install apps remotely, set up security policies, reset a device, check its status or geolocate it. MDM offers a wide range of options, giving us a great deal of control over the rental of your tablets and computers. MDM licences come with licence fees. With LiveRental, you get the advantage of negotiated rates with leading publishers.

Microsoft Office 365

A must-have in the world of business, Office 365 gives you all the tools you need to boost your teams' productivity.

Ask our account managers for advice. They'll help you choose the most suitable Microsoft 365 licence and can schedule its installation and activation as part of your computer rental. Microsoft's suite integrates seamlessly into the Windows environment, and also runs smoothly on Apple devices via iOS and MacOS. Deliver tablets and computers pre-equipped with Office 365 software to your users, so they get a ready-to-use hardware and software solution.

Données 4G / 5G

Are you looking for a mobile connection on a tablet, smartphone or even a computer?

LiveRental can integrate a 4G or 5G sim on each device rented. You then have a data package activated for the duration of the rental period on your smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our packages are available from 500 MB up to 100 GB per device. We can offer you prepaid top-uppable packages that work throughout Europe. International solutions are also available for your cellular connection needs outside Europe for short or long periods. Save yourself the hassle of subscriptions and activations and order your all-in-one solution from LiveRental.

4G/5G Dongle / Hotspot

The perfect field solution for connecting your devices to the cellular network

Hire a 4G/5G dongle and data package from LiveRental. An economical and practical solution for extending a Wi-Fi network from a cellular connection to a perimeter of between 10m and 30m in diameter. This wireless, battery-powered solution lets you connect rented iPads or tablets to an internet connection without necessarily having to order a sim card for each device. It also means you can connect Surface Pro tablets or laptops that don't have sim card ports. This solution can also be used to create a network for Wi-Fi printing at an event. Our teams set up the 4G/5G dongle(s) according to your own requirements, with your own Wi-Fi name and password.

Wi-Fi network deployment

Are you holding an event in a room or area that doesn't have Wi-Fi?

Ask LiveRental to set up a private Wi-Fi network just for your use. Deploying a Wi-Fi network is very useful for exams, training courses, congresses, or conferences, and is a special option that is the perfect add-on to your computer and tablet rental project. Our network technicians will assess your needs in terms of surface area, bandwidth, and network requirements, and can set up a dedicated infrastructure to provide your users with a secure Wi-Fi connection specifically for the event. Whether you need to connect 100 devices or 2,000, at LiveRental you'll always find a solution tailored to your needs and to short or medium-term use.

Satellite network deployment

Are you looking for a reliable internet solution to supplement a standard internet connection?

Our network team can deploy a temporary satellite internet connection for your event. This connection supplements a fibre line or a conventional cellular line as a backup if there a network issue occurs on one of the main lines. This solution is ideal for events where you need guaranteed uninterrupted service, such as running tablet-based exams or streaming an event. So you can top off your IT equipment hire with a 100% reliable network solution.

Individual kit preparation

A comprehensive marketing logistics service to guarantee that your on-site operations are a success.

Our order picking teams are on hand to make individual preparations for rolling out the equipment nationwide. At your request, we can provide individual kits including computer equipment, accessories such as cases or shoulder straps, chargers, a brochure, and any other accessory you may require. With this service, you can deploy rented tablets or computers on site in record time and with complete peace of mind.

Multi-point delivery

Arrange delivery of your order to 1,000 addresses across Europe? A LiveRental speciality.

Are you planning an on-site operation for training, surveys or marketing? Our teams can deliver to and collect from hundreds of different addresses across Europe. This logistics service means you can centralise your entire project at LiveRental and get perfect coordination of all the technical aspects of the event such as tablet hire, set-up, delivery, and pick-up at several points in the field, as well as network connections and technical support. Major survey and activation marketing companies trust LiveRental to handle their digital operations on site.


Get support with your nationwide tour, a practical and reliable solution.

For certain customers, we can assist with field tours, handling all the IT and network aspects involved. As well as renting computers, printers, and other technological solutions, we can provide technical staff to assemble and dismantle the technical equipment as the tour progresses. You can rely on our teams to set up mobile offices, access control systems, interactive stations, conference rooms, etc...

Site installation

Our field team will accompany you to your events to set up the equipment you have hired.

Let our field technicians get your rented tablets or computers up and running. You'll be relieving your own teams of the burden of unpacking, checking, connecting, starting up, testing, and returning the equipment at the end of the event. Our field team is used to working at events and professional venues and always knows exactly what to do to ensure that all your IT equipment is deployed on time and to your specifications. Outsource all the technical aspects of your project to LiveRental and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and professional turnkey service.

Exam room set-up

Organisation, set-up, testing and dismantling of work rooms for exams, press or training purposes.

Exam bodies can rely on LiveRental not only to rent out computer equipment, but also to set up all the devices at the exam venue. Our on-site installation team can deploy several hundred laptops or leased tablets and provide security, power, connectivity, testing and even the network. Trusting our team with your IT needs means you can be sure that all the technical requirements for your event or project will be perfectly coordinated.

Training and advice

Do you need help using your hire equipment? Our teams can help you.

Ask our teams to set up training or advice sessions to help you get to grips with the computers and tablets you are hiring. We can assist you, train you or write training materials for you about how to use MDM solutions, the restrictions, mass settings configuration or even more specialised or industry-specific solutions. Renting tablets and computers doesn't stop at the hardware: you can count on our teams to help you get the most out of the equipment you rent.

Personalised accessories

Does your project require very specific accessories?

LiveRental can find the accessories best suited to your needs. Whether it's cases, stands, locks, headphones, or bags, we can search the market for the equipment you need without forcing you to choose from our main catalogue. This equipment research and customisation service is a great way of providing you with a comprehensive service that fully meets your project's specific requirements.