LiveRental has the largest European stock of smartphones available for rental. The deployment of your digital projects will be supported with cover for all your operating system, performance and connectivity needs.


Do you need smartphones for the smooth running of your business event? Or simply for a street marketing operation? LiveRental offers you a wide range of smartphones from different brands so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Smartphone rental



LiveRental offers you smartphone rental for all your digital and IT projects. Within the wide range of products that we offer to our customers, we also offer latest generation smartphone models.


You can now rent iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, iPod Touch as well as Samsung Gear VR headsets.

The variety of models available allows you to use the Android and iOS operating systems to give you the flexibility you and your users need.


Access the latest Virtual Reality technologies to highlight your digital projects. This complementary service will meet your needs by allowing you to develop your projects to the extent they need. 

Business rentals

Our Project Managers are available to advise and support you throughout your project. Do not hesitate to contact them with any technical questions, for advice on applications, compatibility of applications, optimisation of your projects, etc.
Our turnkey service will allow you to obtain a flexible and adapted solution that will offer real added value to your projects. From ordering to delivering packages to the address of your choice, our thoroughness and concern for excellence allow us to support nearly 800 customers each year in their smartphone rental project.
Specialist in IT rental for business professionals, our teams are at your disposal to support you in your move towards digital transformation and to allow you to achieve your goals.