2020, the Smartphone giants continue challenging each other

Thursday, 06 August 2020

2020, the Smartphone giants continue challenging each other

Essential to every day’s life, smartphones have been constantly improving over the years. We all agree that smartphones make life easier for their users, they keep people entertained thanks to applications for example. Smartphones came into the professional field by increasing the quality of photos and video sensors.

As every year, the two major smartphone manufacturers (Apple and Samsung) are announcing their brand-new models. Here is what we know so far:

Apple: iPhone 12 & SE

In the «ultra-powerful» smartphones category, the iPhone 12 will be huge. Announced for September 2020, it will be equipped with a 120Hz screen, a big improvement in the resolution of its video sensors. The biggest innovation comes from the 5G compatibility, which will be loved by high speed data users.

To meet the demand of people looking for a good value for their money, Apple is releasing the iPhone SE, or iPhone 9. It has the same screen as the iPhone 8, it will be equipped with an A13 chip and 3 GB of RAM. I will be available in 3 different colors, in this case the attractivity will come from its price: sold € 489 in France. Once again, it will surely be a great success for the apple brand


Samsung: Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra
Available on the market since March 6th, the Samsung S20, S20+ and the S20 Ultra are the latest smartphones from the Korean brand.

With a bigger screen that goes from 6,2” for the S20 to 6,9” for the S20 Ultra, the maker tried to push for its latest innovation: The 120 Hz screen. An activatable for all your needs. The highest model is equipped with 16 GB of RAM with a SoC Exynos 990.

Samsung was focusing on the camera while designing its smartphone. A quintuple reflex camera is present on the back of the S20 Ultra with a 108 MP definition for the main lens. The two others are equipped with a 68 MP. Regarding the selfie sensor it is a 10 MP that will take care of capturing your pretty face and if you guys dare to upgrade to the S20 Ultra it will be a 40 MP that will do the job.

Samsung did well with these new models and should try to keep its s world leader position as smartphone maker.


Microsoft: Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft wants to stay in the “game” despite its failures with Windows phones. With a new release scheduled for the end of 2020 Microsoft intends to raise the bar.

A 5.6 ″ dual screen connected by a hinge, this is Microsoft’s latest innovation offered to its Android smartphones. You can enjoy your favorite applications thanks to its dual screen equipped with a magnetic stylus here to have more precision while using the phone.

It is still kind early to know about the Microsoft phone specifications, so we await news of this product which is sure to generate excitement among aficionados of technological innovation.

Beyond classic professional use, why not consider renting a smartphone to equip your events, carry out your field surveys or even cover your photo shoots?