Our Commitments

Our story is that of a committed company that cares about its impact!

Not only is IT leasing a flexible and cost-effective solution, it's also a more environmentally-friendly approach that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how LiveRental structures its services to offer you a cleaner, greener approach.

Leasing, a low-carbon solution!

Unlike buying IT equipment, renting it is a solution that doesn't emit CO² because of the fact that it is shared.

For events or short-term use, hiring equipment has a much lower carbon footprint than owning it. In fact, the carbon footprint from manufacturing the appliance can be offset by being split up between all the renters over a period of 3 or 4 years. As a result, the carbon impact of a device used at an event will be 30 to 40 times lower than it would have been if the event organiser had purchased the device instead. Also, when you rent your devices, the service provider supplies all the maintenance, repair and servicing steps that will extend your equipment's life and reduce the number of electronic devices rendered useless through neglect or carelessness.

A very low proportion of electronic waste

At LiveRental, 95% of appliances are refurbished

LiveRental produces very little electronic waste. In fact, 95% of our rental equipment is repaired and returned to perfect working order at the end of its 3-year life cycle inside our rental fleet. These devices enable new users to benefit from functional technological equipment without having to invest in new equipment with a high carbon impact. As a result, thousands of pupils, students and young professionals in Europe and Africa are now using our tablets and computers. At the end of the repair process, faulty spare parts such as batteries, screens or network cards are recycled by specialist companies. A sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of working.

Routine recycling of packaging components

At LiveRental, 95% of appliances are refurbished

LiveRental uses as much reusable packaging as possible, such as Flightcases, transport boxes or crates.
Single-use packaging is made from cardboard and recyclable plastic protective material. Unless they are lost by our customers, all packaging elements are returned at the end of the rental period for tablets and computers. We can therefore state that the vast majority of our packaging is collected at the end of the hire period for sorting and recycling. Our returns teams separate all the components and send them to the most appropriate recycling channel.

Optimising transport solutions

Pooling transport and prioritising solutions with the lowest carbon impact.

Providing reliable, fast and clean logistics solutions is possible. Our logistics teams work hard every day to guarantee the best possible delivery times without resorting too readily to the most environmentally harmful delivery services. So, wherever possible, LiveRental opts for standard shipping services by road rather than express formulas by air or direct couriers with no transport pooling. We ensure we meet our delivery times by organising our shipments well in advance, even if this means offering our customers extra rental days by delivering the rented equipment earlier. Pooling transport and planning deliveries in advance is our key solution for providing a timely and clean logistics service!

Diversity and Parity

The richness of our diversity.

LiveRental is a multicultural, multilingual team. We have cultivated this diversity over the years and truly appreciate all its benefits. Today, our teams are formed of over a dozen different nationalities and profiles from a wide range of backgrounds.
At LiveRental, there are no quotas or grids. Diversity has grown naturally among our teams over the years, thanks to the application of a few simple recruitment principles. We believe that a candidate's personality, state of mind and motivation are just as important as their education or experience, so we've been able to offer opportunities to a wide range of profiles who strive to do their very best for our customers every day.