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A wide range of uses and technical expertise

Since its creation, LiveRental has provided no fewer than 20,000 services on behalf of 10,000 customers. Each customer requirement is unique, and thanks to this wealth of experience, our teams have acquired knowledge and technical expertise in a wide variety of fields for the communication, IT, entertainment and digitalisation sectors. To illustrate this expertise, we've listed below the 10 most common business uses in our customer projects.

On-site surveys

Touch-screen tablet hire for a digital survey

iPad or cellular tablet hire to conduct an on-site survey is regularly requested by several hundred of our customers. This is because touch-screen tablets offer a number of advantages for organisers of surveys, opinion polls and satisfaction assessments.
The rented tablets can be either Wi-Fi or cellular so that the information collected can be permanently stored in the cloud. LiveRental is able to offer a multi-point delivery service that enables our customers to get a tablet delivered directly to each interviewer, ready to use, set up, fully charged, with a 4g or 5g package and equipped with a neckband accessory or a case with a rotating handle. We have a wealth of experience in the field of surveys and a thorough understanding of our customers' needs, which is why we work in collaboration with the country's leading survey companies year after year.

Exams and training

Rental of computers or tablets for the education sector

Every year, more and more training institutes decide to move away from traditional paper-based exams and to go digital instead. While some of them rent tablets for a lightweight multiple-choice test, others need to rent powerful computers so that candidates can work on 3D software. Thanks to a wide range of machines, LiveRental is able to support all kinds of educational establishments with their exams. There's no limit to the number of devices we can provide, so several thousand candidates can be equipped simultaneously. For clients who want it, we can run whole exam sessions from A to Z, including setting up workstations, configuring equipment, providing Wi-Fi access and setting up invigilator and correction rooms. Our teams have a wealth of experience in examinations and training.

Elections and Voting

Election voting is also going digital!

Like examinations, digitalising the election process is an effective way to boost productivity and quality. LiveRental is the official partner of a number of companies specialising in setting up digital elections, whether it's for council meetings, corporate elections or municipal elections in certain European countries.
Hiring computers or tablets for elections is a cost-effective and reliable way of equipping polling stations and setting up a digital election system. Once again, our teams capitalise on all the experience they have acquired through numerous use cases across Europe. In some cases, we are able to support our customers in setting up a complete polling station including voting tablets, computers, printers, ID card readers and display screens.

Sports events

World Cups, tournaments and federations rely on LiveRental to equip their members.

Organising an international tournament means employing hundreds or thousands of temporary staff. LiveRental helps major sports event organisers to equip their staff with smartphones, tablets and computers. Smartphone rental is an excellent solution for providing all members of an organisation with a reliable, secure device equipped with a dedicated sim card. Outside the world of sport and events, short-term IT rental is a solution that is perfectly suited to setting up temporary teams of consultants, engineers or promoters hired for a short or medium-term period of a few months.
There are no borders when it comes to logistics for our customers, and we are able to ship rented tablets and computers to all four corners of the globe and manage temporary customs clearance processes on our customers' behalf.

Trade Fairs, Shows and Festivals

Tablets, as sales aids, ordering tools or checkout devices at in-house or international trade fairs.

Year after year, LiveRental helps distributors, brands and wholesalers organise their annual trade fairs. These meetings are an opportunity for them to take orders or order intentions directly at their stands. Hiring a fleet of tablets is the perfect solution for temporarily equipping an event where orders will be placed or money collected from customers. Cellular or Wi-Fi touchscreen tablets have been recognised for several years now as a highly effective device for points of sale, field sales, trade fairs and festivals. Our project and technical teams have in-depth knowledge of the events sector and will be able to advise you on the choice of equipment and how to set it up.

Activation Marketing

As a long-standing partner sector, field marketing agencies work with LiveRental to digitalise their campaigns.

As long-standing partners, field marketing agencies were among the first to use iPad rental to drive innovation in their field operations. Our teams were able to offer these customers turnkey operations including installing games on tablets and event media deployed in the field or to points of sale throughout France. If you hire a tablet for a field marketing event, you know that you're offering your customer a reliable device, measured data collection and a tool that's easy to use for deploying event media. In addition to short-term events, rental is also a very practical solution for agencies deploying back-up sales forces in the field for periods of several months. Renting computers for your sales force for a short period of time is a more economical solution than buying them or using 3-year rental contracts.

Reception & Access Control

Welcome thousands of visitors seamlessly and securely

When it comes to trade fair or corporate events, the reception area is the one space that should not be neglected. Renting reception equipment from a reliable partner is vitally important. Whatever the technology used, LiveRental is able to provide all the necessary reception equipment: computers, smartphones, barcode scanners, printers or reception screens are among the equipment most frequently leased for a reception and access control structure. Many specialist software publishers entrust LiveRental with all the practical and technical aspects of their solution, enabling us to create a solid and reliable long-term partnership.

Team Building

There are multiple applications for team building.

Like field marketing agencies, agencies specialising in team building and team-building events have been digitalising their activities ever since tablets first came out. For 10 years now, treasure hunts, quizzes and creativity exercises have been driven by the development of new technologies. 4G iPads, for example, are widely hired for running large-scale treasure hunts in towns and cities or theme parks. When it comes to creativity, hiring a powerful iPad Pro is the ideal solution for brainstorming, diagramming or creative expression exercises. Photography is no exception, and renting an iPhone with a fun photo app is a great opportunity to create games based on images and photography.


Tablets or iPads as application media

Are you attending a recruitment event? Hiring touch-screen tablets or iPads can be a practical and fun way for your candidates to submit their applications on a dedicated app.
LiveRental supports the HR departments of multiple companies and recruitment agencies throughout their annual recruitment events. Large recruitment consultancies and HR IT solutions providers use tablet hire when they are working with major brands on short-term national recruitment campaigns.

Television, cinema and TV series

LiveRental iPhones featured in major Netflix series!

Props designers and set designers have realised that, because digital technology has become part of everyone's everyday lives, it therefore needs to appear as part of the sets and props of the latest film and TV series shoots. As a result, our smartphones regularly feature in TV series filmed in Europe. Many directors and film professionals use our phone and tablet rental solutions as props for their scenes and actors, sometimes going so far as to entrust us to furnish the complete set for a computer room, open-plan office or cybercriminal control centre.
On the TV front, our teams work with TV and reality TV production companies to equip presenters and players with touch-screen tablets.

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