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Dive into the world of technology with LiveRental's iPad category, tailored for every business, educational, or event need. Embrace swift performance, vibrant displays, and seamless interaction. Our range of iPads, empowered with cutting-edge features, promotes a robust digital environment, transforming mundane tasks into engaging experiences.


LiveRental's iPad rental services open a realm of possibilities for your business. Our tailor-made solutions in the B2B electronics rental space significantly boost your operational efficiency. Whether it's a one-time event or long-term project, our diverse range of iPads caters to every need, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital race. Harness the power of high-speed performance, remarkable visual clarity, and intuitive user interface of our iPads, making your business operations smoother and more interactive. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of renting iPads from LiveRental truly stands as a game-changer for your business dynamics.

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iPad Air 5 (2022)

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iPad Air 5 (2022)


Rent an iPad

In the corporate sector, an iPad 2018 from LiveRental can be a powerful tool for managing schedules, emails, or even hosting virtual meetings. With its superior performance, it turns tedious tasks into a breeze. In education, an iPad Air can transform traditional classrooms into interactive learning hubs, making education fun and engaging. LiveRental is your go-to partner to embrace the power of technology in a budget-friendly way. Our iPads can be used in various event scenarios, from digital check-ins to interactive information kiosks, they ensure your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression. The versatility of iPads, coupled with our personalized rental solutions, opens up a world of possibilities in corporate, education, and event sectors.

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Our services at LiveRental go beyond just equipment rental. From the moment you decide to rent, to the setup, and throughout your rental period, we offer unparalleled support. Our installation service ensures your iPads are ready to use, configured to your requirements. Our custom application service means we can preload any necessary apps or media, simplifying the setup process. Our on-site guidance provides hands-on support and training for your team, ensuring you get the most out of your rental. Plus, our flexible logistics and delivery service ensures the iPads are delivered and collected at your convenience. The cherry on top is our 3G/4G cellular network service, keeping you connected wherever you are. At LiveRental, we don’t just provide a product; we offer a comprehensive solution.

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